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Slash your energy bill

Raise energy awareness in the workplace with one simple course
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For most UK businesses, energy now represents one of the most significant operating costs. Our Low Energy Company (LEC) Stage 1 & 2, Energy Managers Association (EMA) training certification is the stepping stone in embedding efficiency training within organisational practices and establishing it as a national standard across all industries.

Achieve LEC (Low Energy Company) status after training 30% of staff

Use the official LEC logo on your company letterhead and promotional items

Save your organisation up to 15% financially per annum

Improve organisation and awareness of energy consumption and costs

Understand climate change, carbon emissions and global and national energy issues

Gain a competitive advantage in tender processes

Promoting Energy Awareness at Work Stage 1 and 2

  • Official Training Provider of the Energy Managers Association
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 Promoting Energy Awareness at Work Programme

Gold 80% of staff trained

Silver 50% of staff trained

Bronze 30% of staff trained


Lord Redesdale CEO of The Energy Managers Association " With energy demand shortly due to outstrip supply,our organisations need to seriously consider the impact this will have both commercially and environmentally. I believe that with adequate education of employees,these companies can make a significant impact on reducing their energy consumption "

Sir Eric Peacock Chairman of e-Careers "We have made significant investment in the development of this E-learning programme as we feel that this should become a mandatory requirement in all companies in the UK. Delivering it in an engaging format,cost-effectively,ensures that organisations will see a swift pay back through a reduction in their energy bills"